Friday, March 18, 2011

What do I like to cook??

So on top of doing the vlog on YouTube, I am really trying to keep up with making this blog up to date. Today was a lazy day. I didn't have class so I just lounged around the apartment and watched a few movies. After this blog I'm going to do 30 minutes of pilates that WW has on their website. I've been really wanting to try pilates since lifting weights to me is way too boring. I'll let y'all know how I liked the work out. I have really been trying to incorporate a third day of exercise into my routine. The diet is so simple to me that I really don't even have to think about it but trying to get the motivation to add a third day of exercise is so hard for me. I'm just so lazy lol.

Well the whole reason for this entry was to show you guys a few things I made today. I really like eating at home because this is the only sure fire way of knowing the exact amount of points I have eaten. For breakfast I accidently made an omelet. Now you might be wondering how does someone accidently make an omelet? Well usually I just cook up scrambled egg beaters but I walked away for too long and when I came back the egg beaters were already almost done cooking and looked like a pancake. I decided that I was going to have an omelet for breakfast instead of the breakfast sandwich I usually make. I added 1/4 cup of 2% Mexican cheese to the middle with a few other spices and then toasted a bagel thin and added a little reduced fat cream cheese (I love cheese so much). Here is a picture of the finished product!

Egg beaters: 1 point
Mexican cheese: 2 points
Bagel thin: 3 points
Cream cheese: 1 point
Total of 7 points for breakfast

Since I ate breakfast/brunch so late I wasn't hungry till dinner time. So I made chicken with a side of cottage cheese and a side salad.

1 1/2 oz. of sauteed chicken: 1 pt
1/2 cup of cottage cheese: 2 pts
salad: 0 pts (yay!)
2 Tablespoons of Fat free Italian Caesar dressing: 1 pt

For a snack I love having Honey Nut Cheerios with skim milk. Keeps me full and helps with my sugar cravings. 

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  1. I SO understand the eating at home - you know exactly what is in it, you can make it supper good and super low in point/calories! I love to cook and people are usually blown away with what I can get done in a kitchen AND the fact that it is good for them!